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Admin Tool for
Airtel Service Portal

Why did we do this?

The Airtel Service Portal caters to CROs and Advisors as the one-stop-solution for all information on mobility, broadband and DTH. In serving our customers we render about 150+ pages and 1500+ journeys on the Portal. 

We continue to spend about 20% of our engineering bandwidth or ~1100+ man-days every year to support various development requests. This means significant time and effort.

There's a high Turn Around Time for informational or interface changes and consequently to onboard new Lines of Business. 

Testing small iterative design changes isn’t also very feasible with this model.

What will we achieve?


This is a step towards making the Airtel Service Portal a white label product.

Development teams will not need to step in for every change. Product ops teams will be easily able to manage information changes on their own.

Onboarding time for new pages, journeys and tenants will be reduced significantly in the long run.

What capabilities will the Admin Tool have?


For Developers:


To create new tables in database to store information, customer or system related

To create new pages on Service Portal

To configure APIs that provide data on these pages

To control what information can/ cannot be shown on these pages

For Product Operations:

To add or remove information on the pages

They will not be able to change the user interface

Brainstorming, User Flow and Wireframes

User Interface Design

See more about the Service Portal
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