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Improving the User Interface (UI) Design of a CRM


IndiaMART is India’s largest online B2B marketplace. It has 11 crore users across its desktop and mobile platforms.


Lead Manager is a paid product feature used by 1.6 Lakh IndiaMART Sellers to systematically manage leads. It is used extensively — around 54.9 Lakh monthly replies are sent through this LMS. 

Some global brands that use this product feature

The Project

We wanted to bring simplicity and user-friendliness to this complex product. The user interface design, no doubts, was inconsistent, low contrast, lacked hierarchy and proper content grouping.

Current User Interface

Current User Interface — Lead Manager

Using usability heuristics and principles of visual design we pinpointed several user pain points.

1. Cognitive Load

The current user interface is trying to present a variety of options to users so that they may have quick access to what interests them. Too much information is being concentrated in the same place.

2. Poor grouping

Action items are scattered all over the interface.

3. Proximity issue

Last seen is placed far away from lead and user information. Their respective placements do not communicate that they’re related to one another. 

Chat with us — a Customer Service bot, is placed in close proximity to Last seen, leaving a confusing impression.

4. Inconsistency

The icon set is not consistent and coherent

5. Non-contextual actions

Edit Profile is not an immediate action item while communicating with leads.

6. Ambiguity

No. 8 in red does not indicate what it stands for.

User Interface Design


A new visual and content hierarchy, minimized side navigation and collapsed action groups were laid out.

LMS- 1.jpg

New User Interface — Lead Manager

LMS- 3.png

Collapsible Sidebar

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