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Enabling The Omnichannel Experience at Airtel

Hi! I am Poornima. I’m a Lead Experience Designer at


A large part of my role is to design for assisted channels. My focus has been on equipping Customer Relationship Officers (CROs) and Customer Care Advisors with a single powerful tool to address all customer queries at one place.

My role also touches upon designing customer facing Help & Support Chatbot for the Airtel Thanks app.

I’m also working towards enabling an Omnichannel experience for Airtel customers.

The Story

Airtel is a leading telecom service provider in India with 350 million+ customers. To design at Airtel is to truly design at scale.

I lead experience design at Airtel for the assisted experience products. 

I started working in April 2021, on a product called Single Service Portal. The Single Service Portal was then being used for Airtel Black customer support by CROs at Airtel Stores and Customer Care Advisors.

Airtel wanted to create a Line of Business (Mobility, Broadband, DTH) agnostic dashboard that would become a single destination for answering customer queries. Our advisors then wouldn't have to switch between tools on the go.

I created this product, now known at the Airtel Service Portal.

We realised that this product has the potential to be made into a white label that can be packaged and sold across industries. This meant designing for scalability and reusability. I took upon this challenge along with two other designers to build a component based system. 

We again redesigned the entire dashboard. We collaboratively went back and forth with product and product ops teams to create these reusable templates.

We also leveraged a very powerful scenario search tool already built in the Service Portal to solve customer problems using workflows. This will significantly reduce training costs for CROs and Advisors.

From this, I moved on to create an Admin Tool for the Service Portal. The vision was this tool would be packaged, as and with, the white label product offering. This Admin Tool would allow to build pages and workflows on the Service Portal without the need to code. It is made on a configuration based model. 

I am now shifting focus on Help & Support Chatbot in the Airtel Thanks app. This is a significant touchpoint for us where customers directly interact with our system. I'm currently working on building a Live Chat module within the bot. 

Parallely, I'm making enhancements within all our tools to build an Omnichannel experience for our customers across various touchpoints including the Thanks app, website, social media, email, IVR, call centres and stores.

So far, we've been able to create features like single user profile, interaction history, and notes to realise this idea.

CX Products at Airtel


This is a concept map of the Omnichannel products at Airtel. This should give you a fair idea of how the CX products are interconnected.


Products that I've touched upon in my work are highlighted in Orange.

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