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The ‘Happy Store’

What’s the one thing you’ve always wanted to do but couldn’t find the time for?

I’ve been dreaming of having my own merchandise store for the longest time. In fact, I used to sell some merchandise during my undergraduate days on PosterGully- an artist aggregation website for some extra pocket money.

Working on someone else's platform however wasn’t much fun. I really wanted to do it on my own.

In fact I have always wanted to do so much more but never had the time for any of it.

But since the lockdown was placed in March, I did have all the time in the world. I started trying my hand at everything.

I wanted to share my story so I started a blog, which I promise to work on regularly as this project goes live. I also got started with YouTube.

And then there’s the merchandise store. It began as I started drawing continuously for Instagram. A lot of people liked the bright colours and happy vibes in my illustrations. So I decided to put them all together.

Something else also happened as and when the lockdown began. A lot of people lost employment, especially the daily wagers. I wanted to help. I decided to give to S.L.A.P.'s (an NGO based in New Delhi) Pledge a Packet campaign to help provide rations and essentials to the remotest areas.

S.L.A.P. was doing a good job. I wanted to keep giving even more. However my employing company like many others also decided to have a temporary pay cut due to the impact of coronavirus lockdown on their business. This of course affected my capacity to give.

I therefore also wanted to establish a channel to constantly generate funds to help out and do my share.

So I thought of combining the two things I really wanted to do.

That’s how the ‘Happy Store’ came to be.

In about 8-9 weeks of constant effort and with a little help from my friends I’ve set-up my store.

All merchandise for now will be printed and shipped by third parties on a per-order basis. I will give away all the proceeds to S.L.A.P.

You can visit the store at

Please know that without your support this won’t mean a thing. Let's shop!

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