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 Service Portal

Airtel has 350 million+ customers. ~30 million reach out to us on an assisted channel (Call centre/ IVR/ stores) each month i.e. ~1 million or approximately 10 lakh customers per day on an average.

Airtel Service Portal is a single powerful tool for Customer Relationship Officers (CROs) and Customer Care Advisors to address these customer queries at one place.

What are we doing? 

We are creating tools for our end users viz. Call Centre Executives/ Advisors/ Regional Managers and Customer Relationship Officers to help solve problems for Airtel customers.


These tools need to be efficient to enable our supports team to handle this huge load of customers daily.

We work closely with our Customer Experience Team (aka Product Operations Team) who also listen to calls and find out ways to help our customers through these channels.


We want to  make end to end journeys smoother whether its changing your plan, addressing your billing issues, network issues or something else.

Where was the problem?


Our CRMs were using many individual DTs (Decision Trees), CRMs, & other tools to solve these problems.

Each tool has a different experience, CRMs need to be trained for each tool individually.

CRMs are often required to switch between them on the go while on a call with the customer, increasing their AHT (Average Handling Time).

These tools are not configurable. Updating them or adding new Lines of Business is inconvenient.

Where was the opportunity?


We could create a ‘One View of Customer’ across all Lines of Business for CRMs


We could leverage a reusable template based system (cards, system checks, profile, notes, etc.) across all Lines of Business

This could the become one scalable & dynamic platform

Why stop at Airtel?


We could offer this tool as a configurable product to businesses outside Airtel.


This platform has potential be monetised.

This could be Airtel's one white label offering.

The all New 'Single Service Portal'

We went ahead ensuring that the new 'Single Service Portal' was:

  • Adaptable for both Black & non-black customers

  • Had configurable user interface for different businesses and fixed templates for multiple scenarios

  • Was scalable and could handle any number of connections across businesses

  • Was dynamic and would only show information that was necessary

  • We wanted it to be an analytics led dashboard. What are the things that our customers most inquire about?

User Testing: Preparation & Actions

What we did:

1. Sessions with call centre advisors

  • We interviewed over 20 advisors

  • We did interviews in teams of 2

  • This exercise was done over a span of 3 days

  • Each interview was done in a 30- 40 minute time slot

  • We prepared scripts, questionnaires, test scenarios, prototypes, and interview format.

2. Store Visits

  • We visited Airtel stores across 3 cities in 3 States, i.e. 4 of our owned retail stores viz. Gurugram, Lucknow & Ajmer

  • Learnt about user’s behaviour and preferences

  • Collected feedback on the New Service Portal Dashboard

  • We preapred a list of points we needed to observe, support questionnaires, prototypes, etc.


Recordings and detailed documentation available here.

User Testing: Feedback and Takeaways

  • It’s a much simpler dashboard with all LOB details visible upfront at one location.

  • With a little bit of training, this will be very easy to use.

  • The advisors do not have to jump between various tools to find basic information like bills, payment details, etc.

  • It saves time and reduces AHT (Average Handling Time) for them.

  • For various things like Bundle and Change plan, they do not have to go through scenarios. Now these actions are visible right upfront in the Summary.

  • Alerts for Network outages, etc. really help as they don't have to struggle to find this information. Currently, they need to run scenarios to do that.

  • Notes option for the dashboard is something that kept coming up. We need to incorporate Notes on the dashboard. This might come in handy as Advisors can see previous conversations of the customer with another advisor.

  • This might be the same issue that the customer is calling for. Irritated customers ask "Tell me what conversation I had with the previous advisor".

  • Self care options missing like Send SMS for plan details, bills, etc.

  • Thanks App, being used or not needs to be shown with a link for the App.

  • Account ID is missing.

  • A few advisors pointed out the need to switch an account from the dashboard itself in order to enquire about another number.



  • New Notes feature

  • New left navigation

  • Additional data points for individual LOB cards and customer overview tile



  • 13.5K Airtel Black plan changes have been done so far through the Service Portal with 3.6K net connections added to Black and 25L INR net plan value has been added. 

  • From what we built in Q1 and Q2 (Apr – Aug 2021) we saw a 30% increase in advisor adoption quarter on quarter in Q3 (Oct – Dec 2021)  

  • X increase in customers served through Service Portal with 75k customers being served daily.  

  • 20% reduction in repeat customer queries after being served through Service Portal.



  • Rising Star, Jul 2021, for creating the new Line of Business agnostic Airtel Service Portal Dashboard

  • Customer Centricity Winner, Aug 2021, for empowering Customer Relationship Officers & Call Centre Advisors by equipping them with the right and single tool to solve customer problems

  • Ace Innovation, Feb 2022, for  innovating to impact at a scale by shaping Omnichannel Design at Airtel.

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